Blockchain is paving the way to social good for Zambia

It is possible to combine social responsibility with blockchain adoption. This is exactly what the United Africa Blockchain Association is doing in Zambia.

UABA is a non profit organisation that promotes blockchain technology adoption in Africa. Its training programmes equip individuals and businesses with the knowledge and networks necessary to develop solutions that use blockchain technology.

Its most recent successful awareness campaign took place in February in Zambia. The key UABA event – officiated by the Minister of Science and Technology, Felix Mutati – hosted a training workshop where officials from several sectors of government received UABA’s signature Blockchain 101 training.

Recognising the need for digital literacy, skills-development preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution, and poverty alleviation, UABA – in partnership with the country’s Science and Technology Ministry – is now embarking on a youth-empowerment pilot project in three of Lusaka’s townships.

Problem solving

The government is moving towards digital technology to solve structural problems. It is now looking at blockchain adoption and how blockchain can be used to drive self-sustainable communities that are less dependent upon government.

The pilot project has attracted Zambia’s leading fintech and ICT company, Probase, on board. Probase has recently formed a partnership to provide life-changing, blockchain-based solutions for Zambians and possibly Africa. Probase is also providing capacity building support for projects like the youth empowerment pilot project.

The pilot youth-empowerment project aims to create sustainable local communities using incentive-based crypto opportunities. This will allow communities earn and spend cryptocurrency for basic human needs. Also, it will test the feasibility to implement blockchain in the Zambian public service sector.

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