David Atkinson, Blockchain Veteran, joins Locus Chain Project in the capacity of Advisor

The Locus Chain announced that David Atkinson, an advisor to the team responsible for the next-generation of blockchain technology that has achieved unlimited decentralization and unlimited scalingability, has joined the Locus Chain.

David Atkinson, an entrepreneur, ecosystem builder and architect who is also an economy designer, has a solid reputation.

David co-founded four highly respected organizations that have contributed to the advancement of web3.

Holochain, a framework that allows you to host open source code as well as a p2p application protocol, is what you need. Holo is a p2p hosting service, similar to an AWS decentralised. SL2 Capital is a venture capital that specializes in blockchain investment. It is known for investing heavily into Web 3.0 as well as distributed ledger technology. Rain Protocol is an open source, permissionless toolset for building web3 economies. It is focused on configurable bootstrapping as well as tokenomics tools essential for the growth of blockchain infrastructure and creators.

David Atkinson has a long and successful career as a builder, investor, advisor and blockchain economist. His influence and experience in the blockchain industry will be a key part of creating an ecosystem with Layer2 projects and DApp developers.

Locus Chain, the next-generation of blockchain platform, achieves the highest performance and scalability within a fully decentralized environment. Because it can be used on low-power devices such as smartphones, its ultra-low-cost nodes make it the only blockchain technology which can be applied globally. Bloom Technology, the developer of Locus Chain is expected to launch a variety of projects including games, metaverse and projects in the medical industry. This will help Bloom achieve its goal of commercializing their public blockchain without any limitations.

David Atkinson said, “I’m delighted to be an advisor to Locus Chain, a public blockchain with overwhelming performance, low cost, full decentralization, and unlimited scalability and I’m excited to play a role as the advisor. I expect Locus Chain to be recognized globally around the world with a number of outstanding Layer 2 projects operating on Locus Chain.”


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