BostonGene Raises $150M in Series B Funding


A $150m Series B financing was closed by BostonGene, a Waltham-based company that specializes in personalized medicine.

NEC Corporation (NEC; TS: 6701), led the financing, with participation by Impact Investment Capital and Japan Industrial Partners.

The capital will be used by the company to expand its business, including continuing innovation and clinical and research partnerships. It also intends to expand internationally. Further, leveraging NEC’s infrastructure, BostonGene and NEC intends to form a joint venture to bring lifesaving solutions to patients in Japan and other Asian countries.

Led by Andrew Feinberg, President, and CEO, BostonGene provides an innovative computational platform that performs AI-based molecular and immune profiling to discover correlations between tumor genomics, a patient’s immune system, and the effectiveness of all available approved and investigational treatments. The BostonGene Tumor Portrait™ Tests, a sophisticated analysis of the tumor and tumor microenvironment (TME), reveals critical drivers of each tumor, including immune microenvironment properties, actionable mutations, and biomarkers of response to diverse therapies, and recommended therapies. BostonGene’s integrated model of tumor genetics, transcriptomics, microenvironment, and tumor composition provides a 360° overview of a patient tumor to give physicians invaluable insights into potential treatment options.

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