Brazilian startup Clicampo has raised $7.7M in a funding round

Clicampo, a Brazilian startup, announced that it had raised $7.7M through a round of funding led by Valor Capital Group (Maya Capital Fund)

Clicampo simplifies the supply chain from farmers to restaurants and grocery shops. 

The startup acts as a supply center and sales centre. It purchases fresh produce from farmers and stores the products in warehouses. It handles all stages of sales and pricing, picking and packing, delivery, and payments.  

Inefficiencies are a common problem in this industry due to long supply chains. Clicampo is solving these by providing a technological and logistics infrastructure for small farmers to distribute their products and maintain healthy profit margins.

Through Whatsapp, farmers can inform which products they have available, and potential buyers can access an inventory and choose the packaging, the ripeness, and the quality of the products they’ll buy. 

Clicampo plans to offer its services to more than 4,000,000 small farmers in Brazil. 

Their business model eliminates inefficiencies, which means farmers, restaurants, grocery stores and other businesses will make more money.

The new funding will allow the startup to expand into other cities, to increase its team, and to access new industry sectors such as egrocery startups, large restaurant chains, and large-scale restaurant chains. 

Clicampo aims to sell approximately 3,000 tonnes of fresh foods per month by year’s end.

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