The Deadlock in Rural Entrepreneurship and Agriculture

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Course Description

Rural entrepreneurship can drive innovation that reduces poverty, increases access to food, and creates jobs. Trust is essential for actors in agrifood value chains to be successful. The problem is that local agrifood value chains are often characterized by protectionist behaviour, which leads to high marketing costs and a stagnation, rather than positive change and development. This course will help you break the deadlock in your local agri-food value chains.

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

• Become sensitive to imbalances within agri-food value chains and how these issues can be addressed;

• Have strengthened their capacity to promote rural wealth creation;

• Have strengthened their competence in the area of market access of micro-entrepreneurs;

• Have the ability to identify pro-poor, smallholder inclusive and/or gender-friendly agribusiness development opportunities;

• Be able to apply the tools that support private sector driven innovations in agri-food value chains

Who should sign up?

This course is for individuals working in private sector or market-driven development, as well as professionals from government departments, NGOs, civil society organisations, businesses and institutions of higher education.

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