#BreakTheBias – 5 Nigerian Female Innovators You Should Know

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Innovation is the key to human progress. Innovation is the creation of new products or methods of doing things. Because of their creativity and innovation, women visionaries and innovators have changed the world since the dawn of time.

Modern innovations and new forms of artistic expression are changing our lives at an alarming rate. Every item we use today is the result of years spent developing, testing, and innovating.

They’re all the result of these women innovators’ creative minds. This has been proven repeatedly by women all over the globe, including Nigerian women.

Nigerian women actively participate in remarkable innovations that benefit the country’s economy and neighboring nations. Young female innovators can also follow their example.

Meet Nigerian women innovators

Nkemdilim Begho

Nkemdilim Begho, the founder and managing Director of Future Software Resources Limited is an IT solution provider specializing in e-learning and IT security.

She is a passionate innovator who has helped to create a global technology brand and established trends in Nigerian technology.

Nkemdilim has been named to the Obama African Leadership Council, Forbes’ Top Ten Female Tech Founders in Africa, Global Digital Women’s Top 10 Most Inspiring Women in Africa, Lionesses of Africa’s Top 100 Women, and Ventures Africa’s 42 Most Innovative Africans.

Achenyo Idachaba

Discovering innovative eco-solutions to Nigeria’s challenge of extremely damaging water hyacinth plants invading its waterways resulted in a one-of-a-kind business opportunity for Nigerian entrepreneur Achenyo Idachaba.

MitiMeth is her startup that transforms these noxious species into beautiful, handcrafted, and highly sought-after goods.

She turned a problem in the environment into a huge victory for her company and the people of the area.

Each piece is handcrafted from weeds which are taken from local waterways. After drying in the sun, they are woven into beautiful and complex products like baskets, dinnerware, or jewelry.

She is a skilled public speaker and has presented to many audiences. BBC, Deutsche Welle TV, CNBC Africa, and CNN’s African Start-Up have all highlighted her.

Her TED Talk has 1.8 million views, and her project has been highlighted in a number of publications, including the UN Environment Programme’s “Exploring the Potential for Adopting Alternative Materials to Reduce Marine Plastic Litter,” published in 2018.

Adenike Akinsemolu

Nigeria, as many African countries, is facing a variety of environmental issues that call for innovative thinking and creative solutions.

Adenike Akinsemolu’s Green Campus Initiative is her answer for motivating young people in Nigeria to think green and become eco-conscious citizens.

Green Campus Initiative (GCI), a creative academic research program that promotes environmental sustainability and social awareness, is addressing the issues of climate change.

It was established with the purpose of engaging, educating and enlightening young adults about the importance and benefits of living green.

These programs inspire learners to use bikes and other environmentally-friendly modes of transport, to preserve energy and water and use renewable energy, dispose of garbage safely, and to become social entrepreneurs through the development of vocational skills.

Damilola Solesi

Damilola Solesi, the founder, CEO, creative director, and chief executive officer of SMIDS Animation Studios Nigeria was established in 2010. Smids Animation Studios, a 3D animation studio, 3D content developer, and visual effects company, is located in Lagos.

Damilola is also the co-creator of TechDivaz (now known as Women R.I.S.E), a Co-Creation Hub initiative. TechDivaz, a new innovation, encourages women to pursue technology interests through collaboration, mentoring, training, mentorship and funding. This allows them to play a greater role in the development of the Nigerian or African technology startup industry.

She has also been named to the International Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences’ Jury for the 2020 International Emmy Awards. Dami’s leadership and management of SMIDS’ day-to-day strategic and operational activities have been vital to the company’s success.

She’s also a trustee of Animation Nigeria (AN), a non-profit organization dedicated to growing, enriching, and establishing the Nigerian animation industry.

Ugochi Ugbomeh

Ugochi Ugbomeh uses technology to create change. She is forward-thinking and a pioneering woman. Tranzit, her startup aspires be a curator for really world-class transport, location-based and mobility services in Africa. It will efficiently transfer people and goods between areas.

Tranzit, an IT-based mobility provider, has this goal in mind. The startup currently offers two products. The first is TaxiPixi Africa which allows you to order a taxi and e-hailing it in less than 30 seconds.

The second option is a technology-based delivery system that targets both brick-and mortar business owners and e-commerce customers.

She is a motivated, value-driven, and innovative tech entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the Nigerian startup scene as a web developer, project & operations manager, and other roles.

She has developed new products, such as interactive websites and mobile apps, and managed diverse teams for small and large businesses. All of this while sticking to strict specifications and budgets.

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