Buhari’s New Year message promises support for insecurity

President Muhammadu Buhari stated that his administration will seek international collaboration and neighboring countries to explore diverse strategies for addressing security at grassroots levels in order to curb the insecurity.

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Buhari made this statement Saturday during his 2022 New Year broadcast for Nigerians. He stated that while his administration had made substantial gains against insurgency, he was fully aware of the challenges ahead.

According to the President, the insecurity in some parts of the country has hampered recent gains in real economic sectors.

He stated that his administration would use ICT platforms to create employment and that diversification of the economy will aid the emergence in other sectors.

“To achieve this goal, we will work with international partners and neighboring countries to deploy multi-faceted solutions that are targeted at addressing human security from the grassroots before it leads into insecurity.

Buhari stated that “Our Administration will intentionally leverage ICT platforms in order to create jobs, while ensuring the diversification of this economy creates more support for other emerging sectors.”

His failure to deal with the nation’s increasing insecurity and stop the escalating spate of kidnappings and killings that has been a daily occurrence has drawn constant criticism from President Buhari.

In his 2021 Christmas Message entitled, ‘A Nation Still in Search of Truth & Vindication,’ Matthew Hassan Kukah (Bishop of the Catholic Diocese in Sokoto), stated that the President owes Nigerians an explanation for the rise in kidnappings, and murders in Nigeria.

Kukah pointed out that Buhari and his government need to move fast before Arewa and the Northern parts of the country descend into Arewanistan.

The President stated that “We remain grateful for another year attained as a nation, united by a shared destiny and determined in our determination to overcome all obstacles along the way to build the great, prosperous nation of our dreams.”

“I salute all Nigerians’ courage and resilience, which was evident in 2021 when this nation, along with other countries around the world, faced significant problems that were a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the efforts to rebuild the global economy, and social order.

“Persistent insecurity in some parts of the country may threaten to unravel the incremental gains in the real sector of the economy as well as in the administration’s overall objective of positioning the nation on an irreversible trajectory for sustainable growth and progression, but I assure that we will remain firm in our commitments to the nation and will continue with our programs.

“The road to nationhood can be fraught with unexpected difficulties and challenges. But the most successful and tried-and-true nations have always prevailed through perseverance, resilience, concerted dedication to unity and the conviction that the entire nation, standing together against all odds is far more valuable and would ultimately prove to be more profitable and viable than its distinct parts.

Security is a priority area that this Administration continues to pay utmost attention. This Administration, as a continuation to our promise to re-energize and reorganize security apparatus and personnel of the armed force and police, has made it clear that they have invested heavily in re-equiping our military to upgrade the platforms and firepower needed to face the current challenges facing the country.

“The net result of these efforts has been the number of insurgents or bandits that have willingly surrendered and continue to do so through various channels, including the Safe Corridor.

“Government however recognizes that winning on the battlefield is only one part of the sustainable victory. We recognize that in order to win this war we must win peace. Real security is found in the hearts and minds the citizens affected. We will work with international partners and neighboring countries to develop multi-faceted solutions that address human security at the grassroots.

“Once more, I’d like to take a moment and remember the brave Military, Police Officers and other security personnel who lost their lives protecting the nation’s territorial integrity against external aggressors. Assuring their families that their sacrifices were not in vain.

“We also remember and sympathize with Nigerians who have lost their loved ones due to insecurity in other parts of Nigeria. Every life is important and every death due to insecurity is a personal concern for me as a citizen as well as President of this great nation.

“We are fully committed to upholding constitutional provisions that protect all Nigerians against any form of external and internal aggression.

“On the economic front, we have demonstrated a high degree of resilience to achieve significant achievements despite all the turmoil that has characterized our economy and the global economy. We have taken the COVID-19 lessons and continue to learn them. This has encouraged us to increase our efforts to reduce its socio-economic impact on our Nation.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has released the latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Nigeria’s biggest win. The 3.03% growth in the third quarter 2021 is a sign of the economic recovery and the confidence shown by the policies implemented by our Administration after the pandemic.

“We might also recall that Nigeria recorded a 5.1% real growth year-on-year in quarter 2 of 2021. This was the highest growth recorded in Sub-Saharan Africa. This was the highest recorded growth in Nigerian economic history since 2014.

“Despite all the challenges that we have faced as Nation, the good news about it is that we have recorded four consecutive quarters growth after the negative growth rate recorded in Quarter 2 of 2020 due the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I signed the landmark Petroleum Industry Act into Law on August 16, 2021. This historic legislation is a landmark moment in our Nation’s history, given the huge economic benefits it would have. The 9th Assembly deserves my sincere appreciation for their determination, success where others have failed, as well as the cooperation that allowed them to complete this process almost 20 years later.

“Just as I said during the investment trips, fora, and fora, the legislation is expected as a liberalizing force within the energy industry. We are optimistic that the law will provide the necessary legal, governance and fiscal framework for the development of the sector, host communities, as well as Nigeria as a Nation. Some of the policies that we will be pushing in 2019 are still focused on our objective to increase Liquefied Natural Gas exports as well as expand our domestic market.

“In 2022, and beyond, our Administration will intentionally leverage ICT platforms in order to create jobs while supporting other emerging sectors. It is a proud moment for me to share that many foreign investors have taken advantage of our position as Africa’s leading start-up ecosystems to invest in our digital economy.

“We have made it a top priority to fight corruption and related offenses that have been a hindrance to the growth, prosperity and development of our nation. Our Administration’s anti-corruption drive has seen remarkable results thanks to the innovative use of technology and forensics.

“In the meantime the nation’s anti-corruption agencies have shown their dedication to their tasks and have achieved many successes.

“Despite the challenges we faced in 2021, it was a year where the Administration successfully executed key programmes, projects, and initiatives to fulfill the promises under the Security, Economy Anti-corruption Agenda (SEA).

“As 2022 is welcomed, let us be hopeful and envision a year of progress against the combined challenges of security and socio-economic issues.

“The past is just a story, but the future is still written in gold, as it is often said. Let us unite in our fight for our Nation’s survival and, with gratitude, let us celebrate this new era of life.

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