Caden Raises $3.4M in Pre-Seed Funding


Caden is a NYC-based personal advocacy startup that uses personal data to improve lives. It raised $3.4 million in pre-seed financing.

Backers are included:

  • Barry Sternlicht (Founder, Starwood Capital),
  • Jerry Yang (Co-founder, Yahoo, Founder AME Cloud Ventures)
  • Don Callahan, former CTO of Citigroup and Chairman of Time Magazine
  • Wenda Harris Millard (founding Executive Team, DoubleClick, Former CRO, Yahoo! Vice Chairman, Medialink).
  • Ben Buettell (Cofounder R7 Partners, Board Member Fusion Acquisition Corp. II),
  • Kyle Hendrick & Omar Darwazah (AAF Management),
  • David Wieland (Motivate Ventures).
  • Ed Oppedisano (1707 Capital) and
  • Morgan Schwanke (Mana Ventures).

Caden is led by John Roa, founder and CEO, and Howie Alman, CTO. The platform allows users to take full control of their data and make a profit-sharing some data with trusted brands while never losing ownership. Caden has developed a range of products including:

  • VAULT is an encrypted on-device “data bank”, powered by a custom knowledge grid architecture. This allows for unique data insights as well as artificial intelligence.
  • LINK is a two-way API that allows users to download data from multiple brands, gain insights about themselves, and let companies access selected pieces of data (for example, a hotel asking for preferences in rooms). Companies can then be compensated in this exchange without ever relinquishing ownership.

Consumers can choose and consent to which companies have access to their data and which data they have. They can also decide what value they want in return. This results in a fair, decentralized and privacy-centered market.

Caden has partnered with prominent advocacy groups, academic institutions and government bodies to create an ethics system and internal governance.

Notable advisors to the company include Stephane Hamel (global Privacy and Ethics thought-leader), Porter Braswell, (Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Jopwell), Carla Hendra, (CEO Growth & Innovation Ogilvy) and Tyler Pietz, (EVP Data, Media. Monks).

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