Capra Biosciences Raises $1.8M in Pre-Seed Funding

Capra Biosciences, a Manassas, VA-based company focused on sustainable production of petrochemical replacements using their biofilm bioreactor platform, raised $1.8m in pre-seed funding.

Pre-seed investors include Prithvi Ventures; the E14 Fund; GS Futures; Antimo’s president – Wes Osbourn; Savantus Ventures; Asymmetry Ventures; the Decarbonization Consortium; and SOSV, among others.

The company intends to use the funds to build its production-scale reactor and extend its capabilities to include the production of lubricants.

Co-founded by Elizabeth Onderko, CEO, and Andrew Magyar, chief technology officer, Capra Biosciences works at the intersection of biology and hardware engineering to build a new kind of continuous flow bioreactor that leverages the unique features of their platform organism. Its first product is retinol, a cosmetic ingredient used in anti-aging products. Located in the Prince William Science Accelerator, the company emerged from the competitive IndieBio program backed by SOSV.

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