CarbonPay launches Prepaid Business Payment Cards

CarbonPay, a sustainable fintech platform that offers the planet’s most impactful payment cards and makes everyday climate action simpler, today announced the launch of its corporate prepaid offering, CarbonPay Business Ctrl. With this launch, CarbonPay offers a prepaid card for businesses in the U.S. and U.K. that helps offset their carbon footprint automatically with every transaction; for every £1 / $1.50 spent, CarbonPay offsets 1kg of CO2 at no extra cost. The simple and transparent pricing plan scales with any business, where businesses can add as many or as few people as needed, paying £5 / $5 a month per cardholder. CarbonPay Business Ctrl is available for companies interested.

“The fight against climate change can’t be solved by a handful of people, it requires systemic change and for everyone to take action,” Rory Spurway (CEO and founder of CarbonPay) “That’s what inspired us to create CarbonPay, to help people and businesses around the world make a simple, but impactful change which will help us all in the fight against climate change. Each transaction we make can be converted into meaningful climate action. We automatically offset CO2 when you pay. It’s a simple, but important step towards making a real difference.”

Customers that join the CarbonPay community will benefit from the business’ partnership with ecolytiq, a Sustainability-as-a-Service® platform. The technology tracks every purchase’s carbon footprint, allowing businesses the ability to understand their environmental impact and make informed data-driven decisions about how to reduce their carbon footprint.

CarbonPay makes it easy for businesses to seamlessly switch to CarbonPay Business Ctrl. It integrates to all major accounting platforms and simplifies expense management with digital receipt capture. CarbonPay Business Ctrl is available on ApplePay or GooglePay in the US and offers physical, lodge, and virtual cards. It also supports all business preferences.

CarbonPay’s prepaid card is powered by Visa and Stripe to provide secure payment offerings to users. CarbonPay participates in Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program, allowing CarbonPay to more easily leverage the reach, capabilities, and security that VisaNet, Visa’s global payment network, offers. The launch aligns strongly with CarbonPay’s mission, to support a new sustainable economy where every individual and business plays their part in tackling climate change by creating climate action tools that fit effortlessly into day-to-day lives.

“At Visa, we are excited to partner with companies like CarbonPay that are innovating new ways to integrate climate action into payments,” Douglas Sabo is the chief sustainability officer at Visa. “As we continue to transition to a low-carbon economy, innovations like this help advance our shared goals around climate and provide sustainable financial solutions to modern day business challenges.”

CarbonPay is partnered with two expert climate action organizations: ClimateCare, and SeaTrees, which finance, develop and manage some of the world’s most credible and diverse sustainability projects, aiding CarbonPay’s efforts to offset emissions on behalf of their users. CarbonPay is proud to use Stripe Climate. Stripe Climate contributes funds from CarbonPay for frontier technologies that reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

“More and more businesses are building financial products with sustainability in mind—and they’re using Stripe’s infrastructure to do it,” Simon Arscott, Head Banking-as-a-Service with Stripe “CarbonPay’s new tool, built on Stripe Issuing and Climate, lets their users have a meaningful impact on climate change in just seconds.”

CarbonPay supports businesses in living up to corporate social responsibility and is proud to be part of 1% for Planet. CarbonPay pledges to donate 1% annually to non-profit organizations that are focused on the environment.

CarbonPay is working towards the launch of its Personal and Business card offerings. These will debut later in 2022. You can sign up here for the waitlists for consumers and businesses who want to make sustainable spending a priority. We pay so the planet won’t.

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