CareNext launches an innovative healthcare financing option

careNext today announces its newest solution – careSumerPAY – an innovative healthcare financing option for those seeking care who do not have the financial means to pay their medical bills. careSumerPAY launches less than one year after careNext’s Doc360°The most impartial healthcare provider grading system available.

“Our careSumerPAY solution really comes down to making sure people get the care they need. Too many careSumers delay or skip medical procedures and prescriptions because they can’t afford their portion of a healthcare bill or prescription copay,” Roger Cheek, careNext President & Chief Operating Officer. “We know we can make huge improvements in their healthcare decisions. We want patients to focus on what matters most – their health.”

In partnership with Universal Account Servicing, the third-party billing service provider for the UGA Finance Program, careNext is connecting “careSumers” with options for financing copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and patient responsibility for healthcare-related expenses. careSumerPAY is able to support veterinary, optometry, and dental costs. CareSumerPAY, the first of its type, has the power and potential to revolutionize the way patients and healthcare professionals manage their payments. This will also improve financial access to essential healthcare services.

“Our partnership with careNext empowers individuals to make decisions about their healthcare with their health – versus finances – as the number one factor,” Edward Vasques, Vice-President of Operations and Chief Operation Officer at UGA Finance, said: “We are thrilled to partner with careNext to offer careSumerPAY, an inventive healthcare solution powered by our proprietary technology platform to make healthcare financing fast and easy.”

Nearly three out of every three Americans have put off getting healthcare because of its high cost. It is not difficult to see that medical costs are high and many options for medical care are out of reach of many patients. By speeding up the payment process and offering lending options, careSumerPAY puts these choices back on the table for many of the country’s most vulnerable patients.

“Our goal is to provide financial inclusion for all people receiving healthcare. This is an opportunity to level out the playing field for everyone receiving any kind of medical-related care,” Chair of said careNext Board of Advisors Gregg Allen, M.D.“careSumerPAY aligns perfectly with our mission of repairing a healthcare system that has proven time and time again that it is broken.”

When patients cannot pay for provider visits, surgeries, or prescriptions, careSumerPAY’s financing solutions offer short-term financing. Patients can choose care over cost. By reducing the patient’s concern with cost, providers can focus on what matters most to them – caring for their patients.

“Providers being involved in the patient portion of healthcare costs is a major problem. Providers are not banks, and patients shouldn’t owe their provider money,” Ron Morales is the founder and chief executive officer of careNext. “Our careSumerPAY products will be provider agnostic giving patients the ability to shop care services, with pre-approvals in hand, making them careSumers.”

CareNext, the world’s leader in provider grading systems is not unfamiliar with fixing healthcare. Its Doc360° provider grading system is the most unbiased provider grading system on the market, giving the most comprehensive and unbiased reporting of more than 1.1 million healthcare providers. CareNext’s rating system has been used to create careNext Certified Providers. Their next mission will be to offer healthcare financing solutions.

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