CarePoint raised $10 million in bridge investments

TRB Advisors led the $10 million bridge round to support Africa-based healthcare startup CarePoint. Participants included Breyer Capital, Beyond Capital Ventures, (BVC), M3 Inc and Asia Pacific Land/ Natural World Limited. 

Dr. Sangu Delle created CarePoint, formerly known as Africa Health Holdings. 

“We began looking at healthcare because we knew that any socioeconomic development would need us to address healthcare issues as well.” To put it in perspective, we (Africa) account for around 16% of the global population, 26% of the global disease burden, but only 3% of global healthcare employees and 1% of global healthcare resources. “We need to close the deficit quickly or we’ll be in serious trouble,” Delle remarked. 

CarePoint will use some funds to expand its data science, artificial intelligence, and product development teams. “Based on our thesis and pilot, we believe we can leverage technology to democratize access and increase the quality of care,” Delle continued. In order to continue its expansion, the company has entered Egypt recently and plans to expand to North Africa and East Africa.

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