Cassava Technologies buys Equiano Subsea Cable a fibre pair

Liquid Intelligent Technologies announces that they have purchased a fibre pair from Equiano Subsea Cable.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, which is a subsidiary Cassava Technologies and a pan-African tech group, announced that it had acquired a fibre pair for the Equiano submarine cable. This will allow Liquid to transport traffic to up to 12 Terabits. This will bring a much-needed boost in international connectivity to Southern and Western Africa.

Liquid through Equiano will meet the increasing demand for internet capacity to support cloud services in both landlocked and coastal countries of the continent, as older subsea cables are nearing the end.

When the new Equiano subsea cables is completed in 2022 it will connect Africa to Europe via Africa’s West Coast. This cable will have Terabit/s of capacity to serve the ever-growing business needs of organizations across Europe and Southern Africa.

Liquid has a large fibre backbone and satellite service that allows it to offer reliable telecommunications, cloud services, and a wide range of services to over 1.3 Billion people in thousands of African cities.

“In the last few years, we have witnessed a steady increase in adoption of digital technologies. This wouldn’t have been possible without our investments in high-speed connectivity in coastal as well as landlocked African countries. The continent needs companies like Liquid who not only land Terabit/s of capacity with subsea cables but also distribute that capacity inland, enabling these countries to see the same benefits as those where the cable lands.” David Eurin, CEO, Liquid Dataport said.

The Equiano subsea cable has landings planned in Sesimbra (Portugal), Lomé (Togo), Lagos (Nigeria), Swakopmund (Namibia), Rupert’s Bay (Saint Helena) and Melkbosstrand (South Africa), with more landing stations planned in the future.

The move extends Liquid’s One Africa Digital Network’s reach into Africa, providing connectivity to large data centres on the continent while granting access to major commercial hubs. Liquid will connect Equiano’s landing stations to its East West network in Africa. This will create a new global IP route connecting Asia, Africa, and the USA.

Liquid’s investment in Equiano will help provide seamless connectivity for its clients across Africa, complementing its own existing national and metro fibre networks and offering increased resilience thanks to its connection to other subsea and satellite networks. Further, the deployment will provide access to large capacity and low cost cross-connects from terrestrial backhaul to subsea, which should result in lower prices for consumers and businesses.

This initiative aligns acutely with Liquid’s twin goals of providing the best services, connectivity, and prices to its clients while making online access to as many people on the African continent as possible.

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