Ceptur Therapeutics Raises $75M

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Ceptur Therapy, Inc.. is a Hillsborough, New Jersey-based biotech company that develops targeted oligonucleotide therapies based on U1 Adaptor technology. It closed a $75M Series B financing.

Qiming Venture Partners USA and venBio Partners led the round. Janus Henderson Investors, Perceptive Xontogeny Venture Fund (PXV), Fund, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Janus Henderson Investors participated. Existing investors Affinity Capital Advisors, Boxer Capital, and LifeSci Venture Partners also participated. Along with the funding, Aaron Royston (M.D.), M.B.A. and Colin Walsh (Partner at Qiming Venture Partners USA), joined Ceptur’s Board of Directors.

Ceptur Therapeutics, co-founder and President, is a biotechnology company that focuses on the development of targeted oligonucleotide therapeutics based upon U1 Adaptor technology. U1 Adaptors, bivalent oligonucleotides, engage sequence-specific DNA and the U1 small nuclear ribonuclear proteins (U1 SNRNP). This ubiquitous intracellular machine regulates transcription and splicing. U1 adaptor therapeutics regulate gene expression at pre-mRNA levels within the nucleus. This is a benefit for drugging hard targets.

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