ChainsCom Unveils Deep Space Society, a multi-product MetaFi blockchain startup is celebrating the 500,000 users milestone by launching Deep Space Society – a collection of unique 1,000,000 NFTs designed by the Ukrainian artist, Kateryna Otian.

The NFTs will be “airdropped” to qualifying account holders at zero cost, beginning June 1st, 2022. Users can secure their Deep Space Society NFT allocation today by following the instructions published on Chains’ blog.

“With nearly 500,000 accounts on the platform, Chains is growing fast and we want to show our gratitude to our early adopters,” said Anderson Mccutcheon, Founder and CEO.

“Meeting the requirements for an NFT allocation is easy for even the most novice Chains users and we expect hundreds of thousands to qualify and grab a unique NFT within the first week”.

All Chains users with at least 200k VCHA will be eligible to receive the Deep Space Society NFT by chains.

“We are committed to a MetaFi roadmap that bridges the gap between Web3 and CeFi, and this is the first step towards delivering on that vision” – added Anderson Mccutcheon.

Deep Space Society NFTs will be distributed weekly in batches of 50,000 based on their ability to meet predetermined criteria. NFT holders will see it linked to their account and are able to use the design as an avatar on the platform’s future products.

Chains is also working hard to keep up with the NFT drop. The platform has received updates and the website now supports four languages: English (Spanish), Russian (Russian), and Chinese.

A third of all people on the planet can navigate’s website in their native language.

About the founders:

Anderson Mccutcheon, an ex-executive at Riot Games and Stars Group, and a veteran of IDF Unit 8200, has a broad technological and marketing background. Anderson, a blockchain industry pioneer, founded Unicoin and Synereo. He specialized in algorithm design for real-time thermochemical controls systems.

Assaf, Chains Chief Economist holds two PhDs. One in Economics from Northwestern University. The other in Physics from Weitzmann Institute of Science. Assaf’s specialty field is Macroeconomics and he currently holds the position of Chief Economist at the Start-Up Nation Policy Institute.

About Chains

Chains is a Seychelles International Business Company. It was founded in 2020 to simplify cryptocurrency and NFT for non-technical people. The company is currently developing a range of retail-friendly services and products that seamlessly integrate with multiple blockchains. Chains’ immediate roadmap includes the Launchpad, Exchange, Prism, and the Chains Marketplace.

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