Chrystal Kizito: I made Sh. 300 profit in the first day of my business

Chrystal Kizito, founder and director at Botanique Naturelle is a wellness company that offers natural solutions to skin, hair, and female wellness as well as chronic illnesses.

Chrystal Kizito

This business was started in February 2017. I had Sh. 1,000, which I used for a kilogram unprocessed Ghanaian Shea. This was processed and I sold it at Sh. 1,300, making a profit in the amount of Sh. 300. I purchased another kilogram and continued the process. Two kilograms were purchased from the one kilogram I bought. Four years later, I have now purchased over 50 kilograms of processing. The Pulse Awards, in which I was nominated for Business Influencer of 2021, just concluded this year. Although I didn’t win, it was validation that I’m on the right track.

I wasn’t consistent when I started. It wasn’t as simple as buying a kilogram shea and then selling it off within a few days. To break even, it took me three years. The market wasn’t ready to accept a newbie like me. My online shop was my only option. It was difficult for potential customers to trust me because of this. It was also clear to me that most Kenyans would prefer to import wellness products over support African or local products. It has been very difficult for startups competing with established brands that specialize in importations.

Before I started my business, I had some experience in the field of skincare enterprising. As an employee, I held the position of store manager for an international skincare company. It is crucial to have some experience in the business world before you venture out on your own. It will be a valuable experience.

When I founded, I thought I could use my business money to pay for my personal expenses. I was eventually without stocks. It was hard for me to understand the importance of seperating my personal and business accounts. This required me to be financially responsible, to get a salary and to limit my expenses to my salary.

My bank account is synchronized with my business Till Number. This is extremely effective as it records every transaction. It makes it simple to pay suppliers and employees. I used to have money saved in my home, which allowed me to access it whenever I wanted. This is what happens when money is managed this way. Impulse Buying kept knocking on my door.

If given the choice between money or business ideas, I would choose. Ideas will give you money, but money won’t give you any ideas. In my time in business, I’ve learned it is important not to be afraid to dream big. If I could do it over, I would stop second-guessing myself and seek validation from outside sources. I would believe in the beauty of my visions.

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