Ckrowd performs major software upgrades to transform Africa’s creator economy

Ckrowd is Africa’s leading and most popular streaming platform for premium content. They have launched a software upgrade to their flagship Ckrowd platform.

Ckrowd Kayode Adebayo

Ckrowd 1.4 offers new features that support Live and On-Demand content publishing and monetization. It has a mission of providing inclusivity, value, profit, and opportunity for all creators, particularly those from emerging countries.

Ckrowd, which is focusing on global content creators, will be able to simultaneously receive revenue in dollars as well as local currencies for the same content. This will allow Ckrowd to be more visible and appeal globally to creators from the Diaspora, emerging markets and other countries where local-based revenue is often overlooked when it comes time for monetization.

It is essential to be able to use the company’s innovative geo-pricing technology, for consumers from local or international markets, is an important feature in modernization, global revenue generation and content definition.

This release includes several other enhancements that build on the solid foundation of features in Ckrowd 1.2. These include:

  • Creators can use ‘Ckrowd Live” to request payment from exclusive viewers for their live digital performances
  • Ckrowd provides advisory guidance to help creators fix prices for live and on-demand content
  • Ckrowd will pay 70% to creators for exclusive content
  • Consumers from international and local markets are more likely to use Geo-pricing Technology.
  • Support for Security Authorisation Facility (SAF) – Protecting your virtual meetings
  • Redeem revenue for live classes or consultation meetings

Ckrowd CEO Kayode Adebayo stated: “Our goal is to have a very successful creators’ economy while providing content consumers unique and original experiences, unlike any other place on the internet. We believe that creators must be able to connect to their super fans and only and uniquely cater for them. Ckrowd Technology allows Creators in all creative disciplines to cater to their super-fans first, and these super fans are grateful for the financial access they have in chats, live, and On-Demand. Creators feel valued, and can finance their creative projects. Super fans receive a premium experience through Ckrowd.

Ckrowd1.4 supports African film producers where, due to financial, bureaucratic and infrastructural difficulties, many films cannot be made to the cinema. These films are exclusively released to digital audiences.

Ckrowd Advert is also available to creative professionals and creators in the digital industry. Their large reach means that they can connect with over 30 million Nigerians at low rates of 20 kobo (or $0.43 per message) via WhatsApp, SMS, and Emails.

Ckrowd1.4 will be able to offer a better entertainment experience with this upgrade. Customers and creators can enjoy all-inclusive entertainment, content creation, and gratuitous consumption.

It will also allow creators to earn high returns on locally produced content, while their content is distributed worldwide to audiences seeking truly unique and customized experiences.

Ckrowd 1.4 will enable creators to better meet the ever-changing needs and interests of Afro-inspired creativity in music, literature, cinema, theatre and gastronomy.

Ckrowd will continue to invest in the creator’s economy. Ckrowd will also continue to work to improve the integration platform with new technology and innovation to help the next generation international content mavericks, particularly those from lower- and mid-income countries.

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