Coca-Cola launches JAMII, its new Sustainability Platform in Africa

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Today Coca-Cola Africa Operating Unit (“AOU”) announced that JAMII, a new platform for Africa-focused sustainability, was launched by its bottling partners and Coca-Cola Africa Operating Unit (“AOU”). This platform hosts the Company’s current and future sustainability initiatives. Coca-Cola hopes that this platform will help it attract like-minded partners and accelerate its on-the-ground impact.

The platform will expand upon the previous achievements in water stewardship and economic empowerment of women, youth and waste management. These will be delivered with system employees and bottling partners as well as several NGO partners.

“We are aware of the responsibility that we as market leaders have to make a difference. To empower and protect communities and the environment within which we operate. Bruno Pietracci is the Africa President of The Coca-Cola Company. He stated that he is committed to making a difference in Africa, whether it’s providing safe drinking water for all, creating opportunities for those who are most in need, or reducing the environmental impact of the operations.

Patricia Obozuwa, AOU Vice-President for Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability, said that the name JAMII, a Swahili term meaning Community, Society, People, was chosen because it reflects who we are as Africans and aligns well with our values as an organisation – our resilience, commitment, and spirit of community. This will consolidate our sustainability efforts and allow us to fulfill our promise to remain a trusted partner in sustainable growth in Africa.

JAMII will provide better access to finance, skills training, and networks for women and youth economic empowerment. As part of the 5by20 program, more than 2 million women in Africa have been economically empowered.

We will ensure that 100% of the water used for the production of our products is replenished by water stewardship. This includes water efficiency, conservation, climate change adaptation, community water access, and water conservation. Through the Replenish Africa Initiative, Coca-Cola Africa, The Coca-Cola Foundation and its partners, over 6 million people have had sustainable access to water since 2005.

Coca-Cola Africa has a commitment to waste management. Nearly all Coca-Cola packaging can be recycled. The goal is to recycle the equivalent of 100 percent of its packaging waste by 2030.

Obozuwa said that Coca-Cola Africa has already formed new partnerships to facilitate implementation of JAMII-related projects that will achieve these goals.

JAMII internally will encourage employees to make a positive difference in their local communities. Employee-nominated charities that are funded by grants will be supported. Volunteering will also be encouraged. Employees who are affected by a natural disaster will be supported financially through The Coca-Cola Employee Disaster Relief Fund.

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