Code Ocean Raised $16.5M in Series B Funding

Code Ocean, a New York computational-research laboratory SaaS platform for scientific collaboration and discovery, raised $16.5M in Series B funding.

Battery Ventures led the round, as did M12.

The company plans to use these funds to expand its operations (currently employing for all positions within engineering, science and marketing) and to increase its business reach.

Code Ocean is led by Simon Adar, CEO. This platform allows multidisciplinary scientists and engineers to standardize their workflows and track and reproduce all computations. The Code Ocean digital laboratory provides a safe environment for automating research in the cloud. It also guarantees reproducible research across all scientific disciplines. It makes it easier and faster for scientists to collaborate and optimize return on IT investment.

The core technology of Code Ocean’s digital lab is the Compute Capsule®A new container technology for science, encapsulates a reproducible and archival version of an experiment. It combines the essential triplets of computational research: code, data and computing environment. Compute Capsule was built around the idea of Open Science. It allows easy migration of code or data across platforms. The digital lab automates the functions of Nextflow, git repositories and Docker. This creates an automated lab environment that allows researchers to reproduce, reuse and share their computational experiments. Capsule technology allows all functions of the computational experiment can be preserved and re-used for future research years.

The platform is language-independent and integrates cloud workstations such as Terminal, Terminal, MATLAB or Shiny. This platform has been adopted by top biopharma companies like Sema4, Lantern and Champions Oncology, CytoReason and Dragonfly Therapeutics.

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