Cogniteam has raised $5.6million in a Series A round funding

Cogniteam is a robotics development startup which just launched the Nimbus robotics operating platform. 

Participated in the round of financing were previous investors in Seabarn Management, Andrew Owens, and UK-based Panthera family offices members.

This financing allows Cogniteam and Nimbus to accelerate product development. 

“With the Nimbus platform, we redefined what is possible to expedite and future-proof robotic development,” said Dr. Yehuda Elmaliach, Co-Founder & CEO of Cogniteam. “Nimbus’ low-code method is revolutionizing programming by providing a virtual environment in which software writers may completely evaluate their skills before the prototype physical robot build-out is completed.” 

Developers can choose pre-built software packages from the popular ROS operating system, NVIDIA’s ISAAC SDK GEMs toolset, and field-tested algorithms developed in-house by Cogniteam in addition to this virtual testing environment.

The Nimbus-operated robots that are controlled by Nimbus are updated with the latest software and AI developments throughout their lives through regular Cloud updates. Lesson sharing and lesson sharing help them stay on top of all this. 

Cogniteam will receive these funds to expand its sales and support team in order to acquire additional companies that want to equip their robots using field-tested functions. “Following the successful launch of Nimbus and the team’s shown ability to overcome crucial milestones, we grabbed the opportunity to raise our investment in Cogniteam,” stated lead investor Andrew Owens. Cogniteam’s demonstrated capabilities have generated strong market demand, which the investors are eager to meet.” 

Cogniteam, in addition to the funding, has been selected to co-lead an Israeli Innovation Authority-funded Human-Robot Interaction consortium (HRI), worth $20 million.

They’re working on verbal and nonverbal communication gestures that robots can use to interact with society while doing duties with other major Israeli private and academic institutions. 

Cogniteam will provide the consortium’s capabilities to their Nimbus platform for firms to use, in keeping with their aim of easy adoption of advanced capabilities.

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