Colombian fintech Yuno announced a $10M seed funding round

The Colombian fintech Yuno announces a $10M seed round of funding after only two months since launch.

Yuno is an online payments startup that provides companies with an easy way to checkout.

The fintech Yuno is led by some of Colombia’s most experienced entrepreneurs, including Juan Pablo Ortega, co-founder of Rappi. Ortega built and scaled Rappi’s financial arm RappiBank.

Yuno raised an initial investment from a16z following the firm’s accelerator program for fintech startup founders.

Monashees, Kaszek and Rappi are co-leading the seed funding round.

Yuno, Ortega, and co-founder Julián Núñez aim to offer customers a range of payment processing options that are secure and that integrate well with online platforms.

Yuno offers fraud detection tools as well as its payment software, to provide security for customers and businesses at checkout.

Yuno, a fintech company, will now be able to expand its reach, with a new round of funding.

Startup also plans to hire new employees to expand its team to about 100 this year.

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