Crypto Billi$ Announces A Rebranding 

The new brand for CryptoBilli$ is CryptoBilli$. This NFT project gives holders access to events and encourages the creation of a supportive, like-minded community. The new image of Crypto Billi$ represents the project’s vision more accurately and will present a clear image of the platform.

Crypto Billi$ also updated its website, adding clear events such as a Poker Night and NFT battles. The project will add a ticket service in order to offer more value to users. A portion of the profits generated will be donated to holders, charities or both.

Apart from the update in the website, Crypto Billi$ has also changed its logo with a modernized look which now more clearly captures the project’s hip culture. The website redesign includes NFT-moving mechanics which make it easier for users to interact with it.

Crypto Billi$’s upgrade and rebranding allow it to continue its mission to be the central for all events that are related to the metaverse. This will help cement its position as an industry leader and market leader. Crypto Billi$ is powered by two core components – NFTs and Events. The project will host poker events, NFT battle-racing events, art galleries, paintball events and many other events.

Crypto Billi$ has also developed a range of unique hand-drawn NFTs for users to purchase. They are described as unique masks with various accessories that could be used in the metaverse as skins.

Crypto Billi$

Crypto Billi$, a metaverse events and NFT organizing company, aims to become the central point for all events in the metaverse. Anyone who owns the project’s NFTs will gain unrestricted access to all their lively events. This project is not just an NFT project. It also allows its users to participate and helps them to recall their journey to becoming billionaires.

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