Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds Launch Initial Genesis IFT Offering on KuCoin IGO April 25

The KuCoin Ventures-backed blockchain game, Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds (CEBG), is pleased to announce that it will launch IGO on KuCoin platform on 25th April.

CEBG, Beyond the Game

CEBG is an online multiplayer game of battle royale with an anime theme. Players will fight for precious resources and land in the warzone.

In the past month, CEBG invited more than 200 guild members and KOLs to test our game, 95% of players responded with a “Strong desire to continue playing” after their beta trial.

What is Genesis NFT and why you can’t miss it?

Genesis NFTs differ from other NFTs in that they are limited in numbers, but have distinct features.

Genesis NFT holders will have the ability to access a special channel in CEBG discord and be eligible to participate at future events. Second, holders will have access future token airdrops. Last, but not least: Holders will be the first to whitelist future CEBG Studios games and participate in them.

CEBG is Empowered by Partnerships

CEBG is the first blockchain-based PUBG game. We can see the great results of their hard work.

The CEBG community has grown organically in just two months to over 50,000 members. CEBG is also connected to more than 100 partners. These include more than 30 guilds like Clips DAO and Multiverse Play, as well as 13 IDO platforms. This will help support the future development of CEBG.

KuCoin is by far the most well-known of all the potential partners. CEBG is able to conduct IGOs on a large platform and attract investors. It also establishes a stronger partnership with KuCoin that will allow for future projects.


CEBG Studio is made up of approximately 80 people, and has a distributed global office. The core team has more than 10 years experience in the gaming industry. They have developed many games that have been played by millions worldwide.

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KuCoin was launched in September 2017 and is a global cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade over 600 digital assets.

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