Curve partners with Huawei to offer contactless payments for Huawei smartphones

NFC contactless payments are now available on Huawei smartphones including the Huawei P50 Series. Huawei has partnered up with Curve, a financial super app that combines all your credit, debit and loyalty cards into one smart card. Curve Pay allows Huawei customers to pay their phones through one digital wallet.

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The Huawei P50 series is the latest smartphone to get Curve and CurvePay. This feature uses NFC technology to allow contactless smartphone payments. Curve Pay will work with the P50 series and the Nova 9 as well as other HMS smartphones across Europe.

Huawei customers will now have one digital wallet that can hold all of their cards. They will also be able to access cashback options from hundreds brands. A 360@ view of all spending includes useful insights, budget, and control settings. All currencies [1]. Huawei customers will be able access fair exchange rates [2] to allow them to travel with confidence with their money.

Huawei users can now move past payments to other accounts through Curve’s “Go Back In Time” [3 ] feature. Plus, the Curve app features an ‘anti-embarrassment’[4] mode which will automatically switch cards if the selected card is declined.

Curve and Huawei have joined forces to help more people pay for their phones in 2022 and beyond. Curve Pay is the final piece in the puzzle to develop the Huawei Mobile ecosystem.

All European Huawei users can now download Curve from the AppGallery to enter the NFC-enabled mobile payment world. Curve and Huawei offer a welcome deal: 1% cashback for any payment made within the EU in the first 30 days, as well as 5% cashback for all purchases made on Huawei’s websites in the UK, France, Germany and Italy.

Shachar Bialick is the founder and CEO of Curve. “We are on a mission simplifying people’s financial lives. Curve Pay for Huawei customers will allow us to help more people across Europe. We believe everyone should have access to smart payment solutions. We are proud to offer more people contactless payments, rewards, and simplicity, and all this while ensuring that they can use our services with no hassle.

It’s that easy. “Huawei customers can now pay via phone. “We now have a reliable, simple-to-use and highly functional mobile payment system that is bank and card agnostic. This makes it ideal for our customers, dispersed across so many countries in Europe,” Jervis Su (Vice President of Mobile Services, Huawei Consumer Business Group. This is a great opportunity for Nova 9 Series and HUAWEI P50 Series users. They can now access the app and make contactless payments using their smartphone’s NFC-enabled smartphones.

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