DabaDoc teams up with Orange to offer a medical video-consultation services

Moroccan healthtech startup DabaDoc and Orange, DabaDoc Consult is a joint venture between the French multinational telecommunications firm and DabaDoc. It allows the African diaspora to offer an instant video medical consultation to relatives who live in the United States or Europe.

The exclusive service was created in response to the concern that many emigrants share: the need to take care of their parents’ health and those of their loved ones in their country of origin. This allows them to have a consultation via video wherever they are.

Orange wants to turn Transfert Pays in a multi-service portal for the African diaspora. This is to make it easier to provide essential services and products for African diaspora families in Africa.

To do so, the DabaDoc and Orange Link teams have jointly developed an easy process: the customer (from the diaspora) wishing to offer a  DabaDoc Consult will need to sign in to the Orange “Transfert Pays” (country transfer) platform, choose the amount they wish for the consultation, and then pay for the service by bank card. Instantly, the DabaDoc Consult beneficiary receives a code that they can use to pay for the video consultation.

DabaDoc, a Moroccan doctor, launched video medical consults in March 2020. This was in the middle of the pandemic. Patients and doctors soon adopted the service as an option to stop the spread of Covid-19. Video consultations were popularized in all specialties for consultations that don’t require patient presence. This was due to the health crisis. There are many advantages to video consultations: they are fast, discrete, confidential, and offer access to one among the 10,000 healthcare providers on DabaDoc.com.

The new launch falls squarely in line with Orange’s strategy to put digital technology at the service of everyone’s health in Africa, a continent where there is still just one doctor per 1,000 inhabitants (source GSMA). Orange and seven partners in Africa have already developed 14 eHealth services (advice, remote monitoring, request for homecare, monitoring of child vaccinations and so on).

DabaDoc and Orange signed a strategic partnership in June 2021 aimed at benefiting from Orange’s technological expertise and payment solutions to enable the development of digital solutions that quickly bring concrete benefits to patients and the entire African healthcare ecosystem.


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