Dallas Cowboys ink deal with Blockchain.com, as NFL Teams begin crypto Embrace

The Dallas Cowboys (NFL) were the winners Blockchain.com as the team’s first crypto-related sponsorship.

Jerry Jones, Cowboys general manager and owner Jerry Jones, made the announcement Wednesday at a conference. The NFL is beginning to make changes at a crucial time. ease up on how teams get involved with the crypto industry.

While some have called the Cowboys’ the first official crypto deal made by an NFL team, that’s not entirely accurate: The New England Patriots partnered with fan token platform Socios in November, though the deal has yet to produce any tokens.

In March, the league amended its temporary ban on all crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) deals it put in place in September, now approving sponsorship deals that don’t include the promotion of specific cryptocurrencies, fan tokens included.

A Socios deal with 13 NFL teams was announced separately on Wednesday. The Dallas Cowboys are not included in the deal.

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