DeFi Data Shop Nansen Makes First VC Investment in Gaming Analytics Firm ZeroDrop

Nansen’s on-chain data platform is diving in to the world of blockchain gaming. A $1.27 Million seed round was led by Nansen for Web 3 Gaming Startup. ZeroDrop.

It’s the first time Nansen has invested in an outside firm. The round was also attended by Mixmob, Mechanism Capital and angel investors.

ZeroDrop said in a press release Thursday it will use the funding for “technology development and client acquisition,” providing analytics tools for up-and-coming GameFi and non-fungible token (NFT) projects.

ZeroDrop aggregates in-game data and wallet analytics indexed by Nansen that can be used for targeted engagement campaigns, a largely untapped facet of an industry that has seen hundreds of millions of dollars in investment in the last year.

ZeroDrop’s CEO Winston Ng is a veteran of Web 2 gaming, having previously worked at Epic Games and Electronic Arts (EA), before he joined ZeroDrop.

“We have done this with EA and Epic games in the past where we take the game analytics, even web analytics, and combine them into what’s called cohort analysis. It’s the same idea with wallet data,” Ng told CoinDesk in an interview. “I had written six or seven pages on this, and when I sent it to [Nansen CEO Alex Svanevik], 20 minutes into the call he said he’d take the whole seed round.”

Nansen is continuing to expand its operations. Since raising $75 million in December, the platform’s analytics tooling is now compatible with seven different blockchains, including Terra and most recently Solana.

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