Deloitte Consulting completes the purchase of BIAS Corporation


Deloitte Consulting has been acquired BIAS Corporation, a leading cloud consulting firm in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure market (OCI).

Deloitte Consulting announced its intention to acquire substantially all of the assets of BIAS Corporation on December 2, 2021. The deal’s value was not disclosed.

The two companies will work together to help clients create strong foundations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Cloud Applications.

Oracle cloud infrastructure, applications, sales, and marketing professionals from BIAS, based in the United States and India, have joined Deloitte Consulting. The team uses agile methodologies such as TruNorth to help clients plan their cloud transformation.  The new group of experienced cloud professionals will continue working together within Deloitte Consulting’s cloud engineering practice and key members of the BIAS Corporation executive team including Jeff Harvey, co-founder & CEO, John Ezzell, co-founder & EVP and Krishnan Balasubramanian, CTO, have joined Deloitte Consulting in key leadership roles.

Oracle’s Cloud Applications suite is designed to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enabling Deloitte clients to reduce IT complexity, cost and accelerate innovation throughout the enterprise.

Over the past five years, Deloitte entities have made significant acquisitions of software and product engineering firms or their businesses around the world, including Dextra Technologies, a product engineering services and embedded software firm, HashedIn Technologies, a cloud native software engineering and product development firm, and technology consultancies Magia and Ekulus.


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