Design Startup Terms for Entrepreneurs and Startups

User interface: This is the design of an app as it appears to be by the user.

User experience: How the design of multiple pages and sections within an application interact to create an experience that assists users in solving their problem or achieving the purpose of the application.

Usability: This is the ability to use a product effectively and efficiently to achieve the desired outcome.

Accessibility: Usability, accessibility and usability go hand in hand. Usability refers to how easy it is to do a job through the app, while accessibility refers to the ease of accessing the various pages and key features.

Wireframing: A skeleton of the product can be created before designing a mobile or web application. It serves as a blueprint for the designer to use in their design decisions. This is an important step to ensure that all team members are clear about the expected outcome of a startup.

Interaction Design: Also under the umbrella user experience, interaction design refers to designing products with the user’s needs in mind. It is the design of products that enable users to do their tasks online in the most efficient way.

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