Destream is launching a bank card for streamers, bloggers and content creators

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The international fintech company destream has launched a bankcard for streamers, bloggers, and content creators. Destream is an online tipping platform that helps content creators increase their revenue. It offers different tools to increase engagement with the audience, and convert viewers into donors. This platform allows streamers and bloggers to get donations for the content they create on social media such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch. Content creators are able to receive donations in any currency, through as many payment methods as they can find and with the greatest geographical coverage. Destream’s new debit card means bloggers no longer have to transfer donations to bank accounts or pay additional fees.

Destream’s new service is designed to assist users who have difficulties withdrawing donations from banks. Indeed reports that full-time bloggers earn more than $37,000 annually. Larger audiences mean more opportunities to receive donations or subscriptions. Banks often request additional documentation and block transactions. The content creators may receive donations through various social media platforms on Destream. They can then manage the payment using the new debit card.

On request, the new bank card will be issued to creators. The service will be available to registered users of destream from the third quarter 2022. You can pre-order the card at and each friend that they invite to destream clients will get a 5 euro welcome bonus.

According to destream users, it is much easier to use one bank card than multiple accounts for receiving and withdrawing donations via online platforms. Bloggers and streamers can struggle to receive payments from banks that are conservative or don’t understand donations. TachatIgityan, CFO of destream, commented that while banks can be conservative and don’t always understand the concept of donations, many streamers and bloggers are creating quality content online.

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