Development finance platform raises £600,000

RO Capital Partners (ROCP), the RO Group’s investment arm, announces that it has invested in (or “the Company”) alongside two other prominent investors: Sibner Capital Peter Rollings. ROCP led the investment round with a total of £600,000 committed, the majority of which will be used as growth capital to develop and launch the company’s leading technology platform. is a fintech business that provides property developers with a faster, more transparent process to structure their development financing. The platform filters out the best lenders and investors and presents them to you. This allows for development finance to be accessible quickly and transparently. The business’s platform is backed by data and excellent human resources in technology and software.

In 2017 was established. This allows developers to act as their brokers and take control of the financing process. It also helps debt and equity lenders better assess and visualize data to make profitable deals.

Tom Wolfe, CEO of, commented:

“Historically, lenders have been in charge of the financing process, with the borrower at the end of a long chain. However, in many industries, the traditional power structures have been rewritten. From insurance to utilities to groceries and ticketing, tech has made it possible for consumers to take control. The industry of development finance has been resistant to change for many years, due to its cumbersome processes and opaque funding routes.  Our digital platform is transformative and places the power to model and access lenders firmly in the hands of property developers.”

Edward Rowlandson, Group Managing Director, the RO, added:

“As owners of a diverse portfolio of assets, including all forms of real estate, we are acutely aware of the development finance cycle and its inherent inefficiencies. After searching for a technology solution, and spending much time with Tom and his team we are impressed by what they have created. It is very efficient and filters out all noise.

“We very much look forward to working with Tom and his team and are excited to be investing in the business alongside other respected family office investors Sibner Capital and one of the industry’s best known and most respected figures, Peter Rollings.”

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