DevOcean Raised $6M in Seed Capital

$6m seed funding was raised by devOcean. It is a Tel Aviv-based SaaS platform that allows security teams to see all risks in cloud applications.

The round was led by Glilot Capital Partners with participation from angel investors, including Former Google CISO Gerhard Eschellbeck, Amazon’s Head of Security Audit Adam Hirsch, and Dome9 Security founder Zohar Alon, among others.

The company plans to use the funds for expansion and to increase its business reach.

devOcean is led by Gil Makmel (CTO) and Doron Naid, CEO. The platform provides Cloud Native Security Operations to prioritize security issues, and assign responsibility for their resolution.  The SaaS platform enables security teams to collect security insights from all cloud and security tools, generating a single “pane of glass” that exposes each risk and its corresponding effect on every part of the cloud application. Security teams can identify the most dangerous threats and collaborate with product and development teams to implement security policies. CISOs can also suggest which team should be responsible for fixing a vulnerability or fixing it. The platform also offers recommendations on how to resolve the risk efficiently.  Developers and security teams can create workflows on the platform and assign tasks to the appropriate team by opening tickets.

The company currently has fifteen employees.

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