DEX Protocol 0x Labs Raised $70M from Greylock, OpenSea, and Jared Leto: Report

0x Labs, which is behind a decentralized exchange protocol (DEX), and its native ZRX token has raised $70 Million in a Series A round led by Greylock Partners. This round also included NFT marketplace OpenSea and Jump Capital as well as actor Jared Leto. According to a Forbes report.

0x is a programming interface for liquidity application programming. Developers can use it to split transactions between decentralized exchanges and find the best prices or throughput.
Uniswap and Curve are supported exchanges.
Matcha is a global liquidity search engine and market search engine that allows users to trade their tokens at the highest prices.
Last week, the ZRX token soared 47% after an announcement that 0x would power the NFT marketplace of Coinbase (COIN), which operates the second-largest crypto exchange in terms of the trading volume.
Over the last 24 hours, ZRX token has risen almost 15%
0x Labs raised $15 million in Feb. 2021 led by Pantera.
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