dNovo Raises $2.7M In Seed Funding

dnovo scaled 1

dNovo Intl. is a San Jose-based company that has raised $2.7M seed funding to develop a treatment for hair loss through the generation of personalized hair stem cells.

Backers included Felicis Ventures and Soma Capital.

The funds will be used by the company to further its development efforts.

Dr. Ernesto Lujan is the founder and CEO of dNovo. He has developed a direct reprogramming method to create personalized hair stem cells. This can replace those cells that have been damaged by aging or other conditions like male patterned baldness. The company’s proprietary technology has allowed the conversion of human skin cells into induced hair-growing stem cells. This was done without the need to go through a pluripotent stage. It also demonstrated that these induced stem cells could produce hair in a mouse model.

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