Don’t expect In-Display Touch ID In The iPhone 14

iPhone 12 Touch ID Feature Img

Apple appears to be fully committed to Face ID security for iPhones. However, it is not clear if the flagship models are higher-end. Many still want Apple to restore Touch ID. Because Touch ID is easier and gives users the option, it’s not a bad thing.

Rumors that an in-display Touch ID might be available this year were rumored, but Ross Young, the analyst at TD Securities, has denied those rumors. Young stated that Touch ID for the iPhone 14 doesn’t seem likely. Young did not give any details about when it could be available, so don’t let your expectations get too high.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has a good track record in Apple predictions. He had suggested back in August 2021, that Apple could have scrapped plans to add Touch ID to its future flagship iPhones. According to the report, Apple originally planned to add it to the iPhone 13 but changed its mind later.

The company has decided to concentrate on improving Face ID, and it is now “all-in” with Face ID. This is in line with Apple’s original official position when Face ID was first introduced. Apple still uses Touch ID in certain products, such as iPhones and iPads with lower prices, but Face ID is the default feature on its iPhones and iPad Pros with higher-end mobile devices.

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