Dropp GG Raises $8M in Funding

Dropp GG raises 8M to merge the metaverse with the physical world

Dropp is a San Francisco-based social NFT mining platform that raised $8m.

Animoca Brands and Three Arrows Capital were backers, as were DeFiance Capital and Alameda Research. Anti Fund VC was also supported by Kevin Lin, who was co-founder and former chief operational officer at Twitch, as well as Daniel Dinh, founder and CEO of TSM, an elite cryptocurrency gaming platform.

The company plans to use the funds for its innovative conceptual framework to create mixed-reality events that combine real-world activities and its metaverse environment.

Dropp GG, a social NFT minting platform, aims to bring the metaverse into reality. It offers geo-based NFT releases and exclusive NFT releases. Dropp Land is a metaverse in which NFT tokens can be used to purchase virtual land plots. Dropp 3D will integrate this feature, which enables augmented reality to bridge virtual and real worlds. Dropp currently runs on the Solana network, but Dropp plans to expand its functionality to work on other chains.

It was behind the NFT collaboration between Hiroshi Yamawara, the “godfather” of streetwear and musician, and Mark Gonzales (one of the pioneers in modern skateboard culture). They created 10,000 original NFT art pieces with unique “Shmoos”, each featuring a variation on Gonzales’ logo and accents of Fragment Design’s thunderbolt logo. Fujiwara founded the label. The series, “Non-Fragment Token”, was released through SoulShift’s NFT launchpad.

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