Dubverse.ai raises $800K from Kalaari Capital

Gurugram-based AI startup Dubverse.ai raised $800,000 in a seed round from Kalaari Capital. The funds will be used by the startup to further develop its product, including multilingual translations.

Anuja Dawan, co-founder of Dubverse.ai stated that she wanted to create a platform in which the tone and feel of the voice could remain the same.

The startup plans to use the funds for a creative tool to assist content creators.

Dubverse.ai was founded in 2021 and supports real-time dubbing of videos in multiple languages. Later, content creators can share these videos.

Six people currently work for the firm. Anuja, who earlier used to work at Freshworks, joined her long-time friend Varshul CW, who was already building Dubverse.

With the rise in internet penetration and reliance during pandemics, there has been an increase in video content usage over the last two decades. Statista reports that 61 percent of GenZ- and millennials watched more videos via social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.

People started to watch Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam TV series and movies. According to a new FICCI-EY report released earlier this year, regional content consumption will be around 50 percent of the overall video streaming consumption by 2025—from about 30 percent in 2020 .

“While global digital adoption has reached its peak, there’s still a significant barrier to non-English users consuming the internet. Dubverse believes that generative AI could help to bridge this gap. Dubverse re-creates videos using our exclusive AI with humans in the loop system to deliver the highest quality video,” said Varshul, Founder, Dubverse.ai.

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