Dynaboard Raises $6.6M in Seed Funding

Dynaboard, a San Francisco, CA-based platform to build production-ready web applications, raised $6.6 million in seed funding.

XYZ Venture Capital was the lead investor. Other angels, operators and seed-stage investors participated in the round. All funds were focused around developer tools. Floodgate Fund and The General Partnership are among the investors. Abstract, Mantis (The Chainsmokers), founders, executives and early employees of Coinbase, GitHub and Mozilla, Color and Firebase, Parse and Robinhood were also involved.

The company plans to use the funds for expansion of its private beta and to scale up towards general availability.

Alex Kern, the founder of Dynaboard and its CEO, leads it. Dynaboard is powered by WebAssembly (conflict-free replicated information types) and multiplayer CRDTs (conflict free replicated data types). This platform allows businesses of all sizes to build custom web apps that expand their capabilities and compete for limited resources.

The company has launched a private beta. General availability will be in 2022.

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