In a presentation to investors, eBay teases a Digital Wallet’ as crypto rumors swirl

Online marketplace eBay (EBAY) flashed a “digital wallet” slide early in its Investor Day presentation on Thursday, adding to chatter about what the company’s plans might be with respect to crypto.

eBay has floated the idea of crypto payments for some time, most recently in late February when CEO Jamie Iannone told TheStreet the company is studying the potential for accepting cryptocurrency as it aims to be the go-to marketplace for Gen Z and millennials.

eBay already allows for the sale of non-fungible tokens (NFT) on its platform.

The company did not mention anything specific about crypto payments, other than announcing that its digital wallet would be available in the second quarter.

CEO Iannone did say eBay is “continuing to look at new forms of payment to add now that we’ve got the rollout of global payments complete.”

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