Womenovate is an Edtech Startup that empowers Nigerian Women in Tech

UN statistics show that gender inequality has caused economic losses of $12 Trillion, with $42 billion for Africa. Nigeria’s female workforce participation in STEAM stands at 19%. This equates to a ratio 4 to 1 for STEAM jobs.

Womenovate, a platform that offers women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Mathematics), access to resources, training courses, and job opportunities worldwide, launched in Abuja, Nigeria, Friday, April 1, 2022.

Abuja-based Edtech Platform connects women in STEAM to top-class universities and businesses. This helps them close the gender gap/disparity, and increases female participation in STEAM sectors and fields.

Motunrayo Opayinka (CVO, Founder of Womenovate) spoke out about the launch. “At Womenovate, we understand that women are the core of the economic engine for any nation and economic loss from gender inequality is fast increasing globally.

As such our ethos and philosophy are focused on providing Nigerian women with resources to build successful careers and businesses in STEAM by being an aggregator of products that will economically empower women in STEAM, helping close the gaps, eliminating barriers and open them to borderless opportunities.”

Motunrayo has extensive technology and business management experience. She hopes to apply her expertise to helping Nigerian women achieve STEAM.

According to Motunrayo, women who take Womenovate’s aggregated courses will get certified by accredited world class institutions while getting matched to corporate organizations for lucrative jobs. 

The platform will allow users to live a better life and provide support for their families. 

“With our diverse expert team at Womenovate, we are well positioned to achieve this goal and the vision of being the number one destination for African women in STEAM globally.”She also added

Pre-Registration for Nigerian Women in Tech and Ecosystem Resource Partners is now open.

About Womenovate

Womenovate, an online education platform for Nigerian women working in STEM, is available. SDG5, which is a global goal, guides the ethos of the edtech platform. It helps close the gender gap within STEM.

Through the normalization and expansion of Education and Experience, the startup is helping Nigerian women to access endless possibilities.

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