Kemitt, Egyptian e-commerce startup launches B2B platform

Kemitt, an Egyptian online-commerce company, has launched a new platform for B2B customers to diversify its offering after achieving strong growth in B2C.

2017 was the year it was founded. Kemitt this marketplace connects furniture and product designers with consumers. It handles the manufacturing, overheads and last-mile logistics.

Customers have access to over 30,000 SKUs via the online platform, which also offers an option for on-demand manufacturing and 7-12 day delivery to their door.

Kemitt is which Fundraising round for six-figure US dollars of seed funding one year ago, was launched as a B2B marketplace for furniture, accessories and materials. It makes it easy to procure products by offering a single platform that allows businesses to search, find and request quotes from more than 400 suppliers. The platform will offer users access to a variety of financial options and payment options.

“We are pleased to be able to announce the launch of our new B2B platform. This platform will change the game in the furniture business. We are excited about how it will bring together suppliers, manufacturers, businesses, microfinance leaders and all industry stakeholders. This is an important step in the evolution of our business,” said Mahmoud Fouad, Kemitt’s CEO and co-founder.

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