Egyptian Furniture Marketplace, Homzmart Acquires Germany’s MockUp Studio

Homzmart, an Egyptian furniture market, has purchased MockUp Studio, a German technology company.

MockUp Studio’s technology allows customers to visualise their furnished home in minutes. The acquisition means Homzmart will digitise the whole interior design process, starting from an empty room – exploring different layouts, finishings and floorings with different sets of Homzmart’s catalogue assortment – shown as a 360-degree view.

The integration of MockUp Studio into Homzmart’s operations will begin immediately. It is anticipated that the full home visualization and interior design experience will be available to Homzmart’s consumers in the fourth quarter of the year.

Homzmart’s CEO and co-founder, Mahmoud Ibrahim, said: “We are delighted to complete this acquisition in Germany, and start integrating MockUp Studio’s technology into Homzmart’s product family. We’ve been clear about our intent to expand rapidly and consolidate furniture’s value chain. We are successfully doing all these things, and this M&A is a solid step in our value chain strengthening.

“Our philosophy is all about transforming the furniture experience for consumers and sellers. Adding MockUp Studio’s technology means consumers can have the full interior design experience – browsing Homzmart’s entire catalogue and viewing their desired space, in just a few clicks. MockUp Studio is a perfect partner to welcome to Homzmart and I know consumers will be delighted when they experience the new technology later this year.”

MockUp Studio digitizes furniture shop photos quickly and efficiently using Artificial Intelligence and advanced Computer Vision. MockUp Studio uses images to mix and match items according to interior design guidelines.

The technology considers the room size, space layout, and furniture layout. MockUp Studio’s algorithms fetch the optimum furniture to match user styles and the room architecture.

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