O7 Therapy, an Egyptian Healthtech Startup, secures $2.1M to Expand

A seed round of $2.1 million was secured by O7 Therapy, a startup in Egyptian health technology. Hikma Ventures was the lead investor in the round that also included C-Ventures & Lotus Ventures as well as angel investors.

O7 Therapy was established in 2019 by Ashraf Basseet and Ashraf Adel. This online platform is scientifically backed and concretely proven to help customers all over the world achieve mental well-being and make a positive difference in the workplace.

Ashraf Bacheet is a serial entrepreneur who also serves as CEO. The team also includes Dr. Ashraf, Assistant Professor in Psychiatry and Founders of nine psychology, and Nader, a software entrepreneur who serves as Chairman of EME International.

They’ve collaborated to create a platform that guides customers through an innovation therapy journey while also ensuring their protection and safety through trustworthy data encryption and storage standards in a user-friendly structure.

O7 Therapy has a network that includes top-quality multilingual psychiatrists and psychotherapists who can help clients with their mental health problems.

This investment will promote mental health through advocacy, support, and assistance with various issues.

This round will allow the company to expand in the Middle East and also provide new product features.

The team will also be able to expand its Corporate Wellness Programs to include additional firms in the region who are committed to improving mental wellbeing at work.

When questioned about O7 Therapy’s current success, Ashraf Adel, co-founder of O7 Therapy, said that the journey has taken more than two decades and that its achievement is due to the collaboration of leaders from various industries, all of whom are heavily entrenched in creating a system of mental healthcare that is available to all in the area.

Many factors can measure success in the workplace. Companies that meet productivity targets, make financial gains, deliver projects on time, are all indicators of their success.

These goals can only be achieved by employees, and it is crucial that they are healthy mentally.

It’s beneficial for both employees and the firm to ensure mental well-being at work and throughout their lives.

The human mind is among the most vital parts because it governs all of the body’s functions. Mental health is critical to a person’s entire well-being and health.

Healthy people are those who are physically, intellectually and emotionally active. It is important to note that chronic anxiety and depression have increased dramatically in recent years. Not all people can afford physical therapy.

Nowadays, people are searching for places that offer therapy without revealing their identities. Platforms such as 07 Therapy allow people to attain mental well-being across all aspects of their lives.

Nader Iskander is the co-founder and CEO of O7 Therapy. He also stated that mental health can be a benefit to all areas of one’s life including work, school, home, family, friends and even physical health.

This increases the effectiveness of entrepreneurs, SME, corporate and government personnel, which has a positive economic impact on countries.

Businesses can implement employee wellness programs through a B2B2E method that addresses the effects of mental illness in the workplace. This involves increasing awareness and knowledge, creating safe and supportive environments and implementing mental wellness initiatives.

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