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    Shatablee, an Egyptian Home Renovation Startup, secures $1.2M

    Technological advancements are driving interior design to grow at an incredible rate. The standard procedures of a decade ago have been abandoned.

    As technology advances, interior designers have to accept new ways to work. 3D can be used by startups to give clients the best interior design experience and home renovation. Many of these businesses have received funding to expand.

    Shatablee, Digital Interior Design and Build Platform – addressing various completing issues on the Egyptian market – has raised $1.2 Million in funding to expand operations, digitize interior finishing and further digitize.

    Shatablee was established in 2021. It aims to digitally transform traditional home finishing by offering extraordinary solutions that enable all homeowners in gated communities to have an easier, more cost-effective, and quicker journey.

    Shatablee lets customers choose the type of unit they want in their home and then shows them a gallery featuring a range of design options, from luxury to premium.

    After that, the user can customize the design for each area of their unit and choose from a variety of financing options. Finally, they can place their orders. After the order has been confirmed, Shatablee starts the building phase and completes the entire process in 90 days.

    Shatablee’s founder and CEO, Moustafa Amer, claims that the market’s sheer breadth and diversity work in their favor.

    He believes Shatablee is the best placed to address the market’s asymmetries, including a lack financing, longer delivery times, and restricted price transparency.

    The money gained, according to the CEO, will be utilized to support the startup’s ambitious expansion plans as well as the execution of its growth goals in its home market.

    It is no longer possible to use old methods such as visiting clients one-on-one or maintaining a library of product catalogues. Video conferences, virtual resource catalogues and powdered 3D simulation technology are increasingly popular in the interior design industry.

    We’re all prepared for a surge into a 3D virtual world, especially with increased discussions about the internet’s future.

    There are many tools available to help designers work more efficiently, optimize their methods, and communicate with clients better without the need to meet up.

    It is easier to work alongside clients thanks to technology. It is possible to offer a virtual alternative for hand drawings or actual materials that the customer can touch and hold, rather than physically delivering them.

    Technology is constantly changing, which allows us to discover innovative ways to improve our lives. Shatablee is about allowing your customers to look through your designs from their own homes with the help of 3D technology.

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