Egyptian Startup Gooo closes Unclosed Preseed Round

Gooo Delivery is an Egypt-based on-demand delivery platform. It has now completed its pre-seed round. Gooo was created in 2020 with the aim of providing mobile services for point-to–point delivery.

Users can place orders for food, medicine, groceries and other items from a network partner stores. The goods are collected by GoooRunners and delivered to the user.

The Middle East/North Africa region saw an increase in delivery services applications in March with total revenues of $9 billion. The Egyptian market grew 8% to $2.5billion in 2021.

Gooo sees the rise in on-demand delivery as an opportunity to prosper and gain a competitive advantage. Gooo’s co-founder and CEO, Eng. Yasser hassan noted that although there is a lot of competition in the area of order delivery, they know that Gooo offers more than just meal delivery. The firm also distributes groceries and vegetables.

Gooo has services in Cairo and Giza as well as Tanta. It is currently expanding its presence throughout Egypt, the Middle East, and other countries.

The startup wants to enhance its technical capabilities, grow its business, and develop its offerings.

Yasser Hashedan says that Gooo is well-versed in the local market and this is what makes its platform unique.

The current stage’s success factors are the development of Gooo’s technological skills, team development, and integration, in order to capitalize on the client’s confidence, it has already earned and achieved its objective goals.

In Africa’s e-commerce industry, there are several potentials for small firms to grow while also assisting larger businesses to reach an invigorated consumer market.

Africa boasts millions of internet users. As more epayment innovations, technological security and door to door delivery options become available, online shopping is becoming more popular. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of Africans shopping online.

Online shopping has grown in Africa and there is an increase in connectivity. This has created the opportunity to grow e-commerce platforms across the continent. Investments from all over the globe are helping to support this growth.

Delivery startups in Africa, despite the fact there are more delivery platforms than ever, make the sector more competitive.

Gooo knows this but believes that the company has the potential for growth and expansion into new markets. This is evident by the investment.

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