Encore Raises USD3M on Seed Funding

Encore raised USD3M on Seed Funding, a Sweden-based provider of a backend engine for building scalable distributed system scalable systems.

Crane Venture Partners was the leader of the round, with participation by Acequia Capital. Essence Venture Capital and Third Kind Venture Capital also participated, as well as Bucky Moore and Mehdi Gissassi.

The company plans to use the funds for growth and expansion of operations, as well as to expand its business reach.

Led by CEO André Eriksson, Encore aims to improve the developer experience via the Backend Development Engine for the cloud. It’s based on the open-source Encore Go Framework, which allows developers to create scalable cloud backends. It is based upon the Open Source Encore Go framework.

The Backend Development Engine offers automatic distributed trace, fully automated setup, management, and preview of cloud infrastructure. It also allows for portability between major cloud providers. You can write code without boilerplate thanks to the built-in CI/CD and automated provisioning in AWS/GCP/Azure. Live reload, PR environment, distributed tracing, authentication secrets, automatic documentation, generated clients, and many other features.


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