Enjin’s Efinity becomes the First NFT Parachain at Polkadot

The popular ecosystem for non-fungible tokens – Enjin – launched the first NFT parachain on Polkadot. After the initiative, Enjin pledged support to CryptoBlades’ more than one million users.

Polkadot: The First NFT Parachain

At the end of 2021, Enjin’s NFT project – Efinity – won Polkadot’s last parachain auction for the year with a fundraiser of over $214 million worth of DOT. The blockchain protocol stated that Efinity would go live in March 2022.

According to a document that was seen by CryptoPotato, Enjin’s cross-chain NFT infrastructure has already launched the first-ever non-fungible token parachain on the Polkadot network. Peter Mauric – Head of Public Affairs at Parity Technologies – argued that the Polkadot community had met the initiative with excitement as Efinity delivers a “scalable solution for NFTs that is affordable and environmentally responsible.”

Efinity announced that one of the projects it will integrate will be CryptoBlades – a play-to-earn NFT RPG. The former has over 1.1million active uses. Other leading entities in this field such as Lost Relics. SwissBorg. MyMetaverse. Age of Rust also support the effort.

Phillip Devine – CEO of CryptoBlades – commented:

“Efinity will bring immediate value to users with native support for NFTs and a full suite of NFT gaming utilities developed by Enjin. Along with our play-to-earn title CryptoBlades, we are excited to make our NFT bridging, curated marketplace, and launchpad available via Efinity.”

Enjin’s non-fungible token project offers a leap forward in NFT scaling and performance. It can currently mint over 2,000 digital collectibles per trade, and fees are lower than those of other enterprises.

Witek Ramoski – Co-Founder & CTO at Enjin – revealed that his company spent four years developing Efinity. “There will be no other chain that allows this level of customizability and interactivity in NFT applications at scale,” he concluded.

Enjin Dived into the Metaverse

The blockchain-powered gaming platform created a $100 million fund in November 2017 that was geared towards the Metaverse realm.

The initiative is specifically focused on helping organizations develop NFT project on Efinity or Polkadot. Enjin revealed that it will provide funds for gaming projects on all platforms. This includes protocols in Mixed Reality (MR) spaces. This is a combination of digital and physical worlds that creates new environments and visualizations.


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