Ensem Therapeutics Raised $67M in Series B Financing


Ensem Therapeutics raised $67M in Series B Financing, a Boston-based biotechnology company.

The round was led by GGV Capital, with participation from Pavilion Capital, Cenova Capital, Mitsui & Co. Global Investment, and CBC Group.

The company intends to use the funds to further advance its Kinetic Ensemble platform and accelerate R&D pipeline.

Ensembles Therapeutics, headed by Sean Cao, CEO is a drug development and discovery company. It leverages its Kinetic Ensemble platform for innovative small-molecule precision medicines for cancer. There are potential expansions into other areas such as genetic disorders and other diseases. ENSEM combines AI and computational deep learning with advanced experimental techniques to identify unobvious binding spots and accelerate structure-based drugs design. The focus is on high-value, difficult-to reach targets.

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