Epic Games Partners Lego To Create Metaverse For Kids

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has teamed up with Lego, the world’s most renowned toy building block firm, to create a shared metaverse.

According to reports the Epic Games website explains that the metaverse initiative is designed to appeal to children of all ages, and they will be able build their own experiences.

The press release contained the following information: “The family-friendly user experience will provide children with tools that will enable them to become self-assured creators and provide great play chances in a safe and happy environment.”

Both firms are yet to reveal what the metaverse’s concept or characters would be. Both companies have previous experience in creating metaverse-inspired environments, Fortnite being the most played online game.

Lego Worlds, an online gaming platform that was created by Lego, also premiered in 2015. It is now a strong competitor for Minecraft.

The metaverse that was co-created will be mature in nature and have the goal of protecting children from any uncensored content. Parents will be able to be active members and have control over their children’s interactions.

The Lego Group’s CEO, Niels Christiansen, emphasized the importance of this focus: “We must ensure that [these events]Are safe, inspiring, helpful, and accessible to all. We’re committed to protecting children’s rights to safe digital play in the same way we’ve maintained their rights to safe physical play for decades.”

Epic Games has the resources to accomplish the task. In 2020, Epic Games purchased Super Awesome, a startup that aims to connect kids with healthy users and commercialize these connections.

These three principles were outlined by the organizations as the basis for the creation of this new metaverse.

  • Preserving children’s right to play by prioritizing safety and welfare
  • Safeguarding children’s personal space by prioritizing their best interests
  • Children and adults can have full control over their digital experiences by using a platform.
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