Everything Apple revealed during its first event of the year

Apple held its first product event for the year only a few days earlier.

Apple announced three key things: a new iPhone that is cheaper, an update for the iPad Air and the most powerful Mac chip which will be included in the new Mac Studio.

Here are some of the event’s highlights:

iPhone SE
Apple just released the new iPhone SE, a cheap replacement for the 2020 model, but also includes 5G and A15 processors, which are the most recent iPhone chips.

The item will be in stock on March 18th for $429

iphone SE

iPhone 13

Apple has released new green finishes to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro.

iphone 13

Studio Display

Studio displays feature a 27-inch 5K Retina display, speakers, and an integrated camera. When hooked in, the screen may also be used to quickly charge Apple’s latest MacBook Pros.

You can pre-order it now for $1,599

Studio display

iPad Air 

Apple has unveiled the iPad Air, a new mid-range iPad.

It is powered by Apple’s M1 CPU, which is also included in the more expensive iPad Pro and MacBook Air versions. As an option, it also supports 5G.

It will retail for $599 and comes with options for storage capacity or cellular upgrades. The device will be in stock at retailers on March 18.

ipad air

Mac Studio 

Apple launched the Mac Studio, the company’s first new Mac model in years, a display-less desktop computer.

The Mac Studio is available starting at $1999 with an older M1 Max processor.
The M1 Ultra model starts at $3999

mac studio

Apple M-series Chip

Apple’s Mac is undergoing a renaissance, owing to the introduction of new versions with improved battery life and powered by Apple’s M-series chips.

In 2020, Apple revealed that it would ditch Intel in place of chips that it originally created for iPhones but later tailored for laptops and desktops.

Apple will unveil a new Mac model that is powerful and efficient, marking another important step towards a computer line powered exclusively by Apple chips.

M1 Ultra chip

Mac Pro

Apple hinted at the new Mac Pro but did not reveal any details.

Apple’s head of hardware, John Ternus, hinted that a more powerful new Mac Pro model might be released in the future.

Live sports

Apple has announced that two exclusive Major League Baseball games would be broadcast on Friday nights, marking the company’s first foray into live sports.

Apple stated that live broadcasts will be broadcast pre-game and after-game, and are not subject to local broadcast restrictions. Apple TV+ subscribers will not be required at the moment.

Apple claims that it will be broadcast across the United States, Canada and Australia. It will also be available in Brazil, Japan, Mexico (Puer Rico), South Korea and the United Kingdom.


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